The Best of Global Digital Marketing returns to Vilnius – WITH FRESH CONTENT AND NEW SPEAKERS!

The Best of Global Digital Marketing is a unique conference program which is based on the analysis of the best digital marketing projects of recent years. This year we will have five speakers – from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Netherlands – who will take a closer look at nearly 20 successful digital marketing case studies.

Each case study will be thoroughly analyzed – campaign creators have been interviewed and the business results have been found out. The goal of the event is to analyze the content and the business performance of the work, not just to show some fun videos.

This time we will analyze the best digital marketing campaigns from our region – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – and also from Russia, the Netherlands and rest of the world.

During each case study we will analyze its critical success factors and will point out what are the main lessons for You to learn from this case. The Best of Digital Marketing has won popularity already in more than 30 cities around the world – in Singapore, Moscow, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Madrid, Shanghai, etc.

The Best of Digital Marketing primarily targets companies’ marketing managers and agencies’ strategic planners – everybody whose task is to integrate digital marketing into organization’s marketing mix.


Registration and morning coffee

Hando Sinisalu, CEO at Best Marketing International

Hando Sinisalu

The Best of Global Digital Marketing: Analysis of successful digital marketing campaigns from around the world.

  • Successful digital social campaigns. How to change people's behaviour?
  • Content marketing. How to measure its effectiveness?
  • Hyper-targeting and personalisation in marketing
  • Case study examples.

Coffee break

Viesturs Kančs, Account Manager at CUBE Agency


Successful digital marketing campaigns from Latvia.

Tomas Nemura, CEO at The Chocolate


Successful social media campaigns from Lithuania.

  • Eurovaistine - largest pharmacy network in Lithuania
  • Pildyk - leading prepaid brand in Lithuania.
  • Maxima - leading retail chain in Lithuania
  • Mokilizingas - financial services
  • Donut Lab - food sector
  • Milzinas - e-book app/ e-book publishing services


Andrey Gubaydullin, ECD & Co-owner at Voskhod

Andrey Gubaydullin

Successful digital marketing campaigns from Russia.

Raymon de Kruijff, Managing Consultant at Oxyma


Maximizing your omni-channel success.

  • Omni channel is about  sales, service and marketing with a consumer centric approach.
  • Case-studies of omni-channel approach from:
  • KPN (telco)
  • BMW (automotive)
  • KLM (airline)
  • Vodafone (telco)

Conclusions and discussion.

The end


Andrey founded his agency, Voskhod, 20 years ago. Since then, it has grown from a small local company to a leading agency in the Russian advertising industry. Since 2007, Voskhod (which means ‘sunrise’ in English) has been among the top 10 Russian creative agencies, and it has been named Russian Creative Agency of the Year for four years in a row. Under Andrey’s creative leadership, the agency has won more than 400 awards at international festivals, including: Cannes Lions, The Clio Awards, the London International Awards, The One Show, Eurobest, Epica, Golden Drum, ADCE, The Effie Awards, Golden Hammer, Red Apple, White Square and KIAF, etc. Since 2012, Andrey has been a member of the Russian Advertising Academy. Throughout his career, Andrey has worked with brands such as Bosch, Siemens, NEFF, Parmalat, Rehau, Hyundai, President, Heinz, Bonduelle, Beeline, Meridian and Capital-Group.

Andrey Gubaydullin


ECD & Co-owner at Voskhod Creative Agency (Russia)


Raymon de Kruijff is the Managing Consultant at Oxyma. In the last 16 years Oxyma has established itself as the leading omni-channel agency in the Netherlands. After a strategic rebranding in 2015, they are now ready for the next steps in their Buy & Build Strategy to become the nr1 omni-channel agency of Europe. Raymon has over 15 years of experience in the digital sector as a consultant, strategist and digital entrepreneur, where he held the position of managing director of Emakina NL for over 10 years (Emakina Group SA), which is currently ranked in the top 3 of independent European full-service digital agencies. “I have always been driven by data and the insights we can gather from it. Now at Oxyma I can make de perfect step to data driven creativity, using data to actually create inspiring and profitable brand experiences, with my team.


de Kruijff

Managing Consultant at Oxyma (Netherlands)


Tomas Nemura is the CEO at Lithuanian digital agency The Chocolate and chief of digital courses at Atomic Garden Vilnius. Last 11 years Tomas has spent working with digital, currently running a team of 20 and working with major brands and companies on shaping their digital communication strategies in Baltics.



CEO at The Chocolate (Lithuania)


Viesturs Kančs is an experienced digital professional, currently working as an Account Manager at CUBE Agency. CUBE is one of the most awarded digital agencies in Latvia – their most recent award was a Silver from Golden Drum (together with DDB Latvia). CUBE’s clients include many Latvian and international brands like airBaltic, Citadele bank, Trikata,, etc., but also number of creative agencies both from Baltics and abroad. Viesturs has been with CUBE since 2013, before that he worked several years at Inspired Digital.



Account Manager at CUBE Agency (Latvia)


Hando Sinisalu is marketing journalist, researcher conference speaker and producer. He is the founder and CEO of Best Marketing International, the leading marketing conferences producer in Europe. Hando has produced and managed over 200 conferences in 24 countries, he has experience in both content creation and event/business management. Hando collects and analyses digital marketing case studies which are being published on website. He is the producer of The Best of Global Digital Marketing Show, author of “The Best of Global Digital Marketing: Storybook 1” and “Storybook 2”,  and editor of IAB Europe´s Digital Advertising Yearbook DAY 2013. Hando has MA degree in Communications from Ohio University (USA).

Hando Sinisalu


CEO at Best Marketing International (Estonia)



  • The Best of Digital Marketing provides attendees key learnings from a lot of real and recent digital marketing campaign cases from all kinds of companies. It helps to guide your direction and provides practical information you can use the day after. No guru or visionary talks — just real practice!

    Bjørn Hascher,
    Publisher,Lumido Business Media, The Netherlands
  • The Best of Global Digital Marketing not only showcases great campaigns from all over the world, but provides key insights behind the ideas and analysis on why they’re so successful.

    Kem Suraphongchai,
    Managing Director at Plannova, Thailand
  • The unique appeal of the conference was the ability to gain insights into the best of digital campaigns from around the world and the delegates were encouraged to think how the ideas could be customised for SA. All delegates said that they would recommend the Best of Global Digital Marketing conference to their colleagues.

    Terry Murphy,
    Marketing Mix South Africa


  • Best Marketing International

    Top Digital Marketing Campaigns in December 2016

    European digital marketing research firm Best Marketing International monitors almost 300 digital award competitions Worldwide. Each month we handpick our personal TOP 3 amongst all the regional winners. It’s been two years since the launch of BOD Awards. After seeing hundreds of award-winning campaigns, we were faced with a question: what makes a great campaign? It seems creativity and cool gimmicks is all it takes to grab a Gold Lion. We, on the other hand, see results as equally important. Our goal is to chase down fresh successful campaigns from all around the world and gather further information from all available sources.

    Looking at this month’s shortlist and our recent activity on Facebook, it’s obvious that nearly half of our top picks are of Swedish origin. No, we are not biased towards the Swedes and sadly none of the agencies are paying us for giving them an honourable mention. Seems Swedish air is polluted with unique digital creativity. Not that we want to downgrade their Balkan colleagues, who in recent months have proven to outperform developed markets in Central Europe. Romania and Slovenia have been really hitting the bull’s-eye this year. Hence both are also featured on this month’s shortlist. To sum up, we’d like to congratulate Örebro University & FamiljenPangea on grabbing the first place with their inspiring project ‘The World’s Smartest Dorm Room’.   


    First Place: Örebro University ‘The World’s Smartest Dorm Room’ by FamiljenPangea (Sweden, 100-wattaren Winner)


    One of Sweden’s leading universities, Örebro University was about to launch two new Master of engineering programs. The aim was to generate awareness around the two programs and get talented students to apply. Örebro University had been conducting interesting research on future housing, which directed agency FamiljenPangea towards creating the World’s Smartest Dorm Room. Moreover, one lucky applicant would have the chance to inhabit this cool space during their studies. As a result, Örebro University received more than 1000 applications for a total of 80 places in the new engineering program.

    Case study video:

    Why we love it:

    Brilliant ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ marketing! Instead of intrusive communication, modern advertising should strive toward making the world a better place. FamiljenPangea used the university’s research as a basis, which is both cool and relevant in the academic context. ‘The World’s Smartest Dorm Room’ goes beyond the traditional tools we’re so used to seeing in uni-to-student communication (=mostly print & boring online media). On the other hand, the unconventional project relied on bulletproof PR-ability of the whole campaign. Create something interesting and people will pick it up!

    2nd Place: Stockholm Pride ‘Los Santos Pride’ by Garbergs (Sweden, Eurobest Winner)

    Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most controversial and violent games ever created. It’s also an absolute record breaker in the gaming world. The abundance of mods makes GTA series a real gamer’s delight. Stockholm Pride decided to bring this customizable open-world madness to a whole new level. Los Santos Pride was hatched up by agency Garbergs and was free to download for the game’s PC version. Los Santos Pride sparked global discussion. Numerous companies expressed their support for the action. The project received more than 6 million views on YouTube and Facebook combined, +7000 downloads of the mod and +35 000 shares on social media.

    Case study video:

    Why we love it:

    Modding is very much part of the GTA heritage. Allowing players to personalize their gaming experience to incredible (and wacky!) detail is what makes Grand Theft Auto one of the most successful games ever created. To put it simply: freedom! Freedom of expression, freedom of love, both equally synonymous to Stockholm Pride. Therefore, what seems to be an imaginable cocktail at first, is actually a match made in censor free heaven. Los Santos Pride is unexpected, controversial, but above all – inspiring!

    3rd Place: WAOO ‘Donate Your Data’ by Uncle Grey (Denmark, Eurobest Winner)

    WAOO is an internet service provider in Denmark. With countless big data companies monitoring users’ online behaviour and making huge profits by selling this information to third-party players, WAOO decided to use this model for a greater cause. The WAOO plug-in collates high quality browsing data, which is sold to Xaxis, the world’s largest data company. By installing the plug-in, users are able to handpick the charity profiting from their data. Today Donate Your Data has collected 164.705 unique cookies. 26,5% of these cookies can be turned into actual donations.

    Case study video:

    Why we love it:

    Numerous cases have proven that donation culture is not in fact hindered by our cruel human nature. Truth be told, we’re happy to donate if the cause and actual process is communicated in a simple matter. Donate Your Data is a superb example. Adding the plug-in to your browser takes seconds; you’re donating digital currency, which makes you forget about your greedier side and lastly, you somehow feel more control over your digital presence.

    These campaigns also made it to our December shortlist:

    Orange Romania ‘Orange my Heartbeats’ by MullenLowe Profero (Romania)

    Palmers ‘Cancer Bra’ by Grey (Slovenia)

    To find out more about the awards visit:

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