Feeling a bit puzzled regarding what actually makes your content shine in the digital space?
Having investigated hundreds of case studies from all over the world – we might have the answers for you. 

Our research team has been putting in the hours to finally solve the case of digital marketing. A unique journalistic approach helps us to scan through fancy creative ideas and reveal the actual numbers behind each seemingly successful case. We’ve already travelled the world with our extensive knowledge and are yet again, embarking on a mission to help marketing professionals up their content marketing game. 

Based on real-life success stories, we’ll reveal:

  • How to create content that is
    1. Relevant to the brand
    2. Based on consumer insights
    3. Appealing to both people and mass media
  • The most important metrics in measuring your content
  • Country/brand-specific analysis about their social media activities
  • Key take-aways from latest research articles (i.e. hard FACTS)
  • Numerous best practice examples from all over the globe (including interviews with the magicians behind the campaigns)
  • Hands-on implementation at your company

By the end of our conference, we hope to close the case on the secrets behind successful content marketing. 


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Hando Sinisalu, CEO at Best Marketing International

Hando Sinisalu

How to create interesting and engaging content, which would generate actual ROI.

  • (backed up by numerous exclusive statistics, research articles and real-life investigation on several brand (social) pages).
  • Bulletproof ideas illustrated by 10+ successful campaigns from around the Globe & the stories behind them:
    • 'House of Clicks' by Hemnet & Prime (Sweden)
    • 'The Smartest Dorm Room in the World' by Örebro University & FamiljenPangea (Sweden)
    • 'My Home is an Oven' by BGH & Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi (Argentina)
    • 'Angry Germans' by Advocard & Achtung (Germany)
    • '#optoutside' by REI & Venables Bell & Partners (USA)
    • '#sharetheload' by Ariel & BBDO India (India)
    • 'Made by Professionals' by PagesJaunes & Sid Lee Paris (France)
    • 'Holidays on Demand' by Transavia & Les Gaulois (France)
    • 'The Viral Experiment' by The Woolshed Company (Australia)
    • '#whereveryouare' by Zalando & Kemmler Kemmler (Germany)
    • 'Beyond Utility 1000 to 1' by Lexus & Team One (USA)
    • 'Swedish Number' by Swedish Tourist Association & INGO (Sweden)
    • 'Yaskawa Bushido Project' by Yaskawa & Dentsu Inc (Japan)
    • 'Epic Split Series' by Volvo Trucks & Forsman and Bodenfors (Sweden)
    • 'Will it Blend?' by Blendtec (USA)


Sedir Ajeenah & William Löthman, Creative due from Garbergs


Inspirational talk & award-winning case studies from Sweden

  • Swedish advertising duo Sedir Ajeenah and William Löthman takes us on an inspiring talk on how they came up with the idea, but also tips and tools on how to make your digital campaigns go viral and how to incorporate your target group in the making of your campaigns.
  • Los Santos Pride
    • Last year the Stockholm Pride festival launched a digital pride parade inside one of the most violent games in the world – GTA 5. The campaign was awarded with Gold in Innovation at Eurobest, and has received praise both by international media and the gaming industry.
  • First Person Lover for Björn Borg

Coffee break

Local digital marketing case studies

  • Speaker TBC

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Hando Sinisalu is marketing journalist, researcher conference speaker and producer. He is the founder and CEO of Best Marketing International, the leading marketing conferences producer in Europe. Hando has produced and managed over 200 conferences in 24 countries, he has experience in both content creation and event/business management. Hando collects and analyses digital marketing case studies which are being published on Bestofglobaldigital.com website. He is the producer of The Best of Global Digital Marketing Show, author of “The Best of Global Digital Marketing: Storybook 1” and “Storybook 2”,  and editor of IAB Europe´s Digital Advertising Yearbook DAY 2013. Hando has MA degree in Communications from Ohio University (USA).

Hando Sinisalu bw


CEO at Best Marketing International (Estonia)


Sedir Ajeenah and William Löthman is an award-winning creative duo at Garbergs advertising agency, in Stockholm, Sweden. Only a couple of years into their careers, they have brought impressive ideas and design experiences to the global advertising scene. Their visual skills combined with their passion for innovation and technological advances has earned them a spot as one of the most exciting young creatives to keep your eyes on. Their work has been recognized in Cannes Lions, Eurobest, One Show to mention a few.


Sedir Ajeenah
& William Löthman

Creative duo from Garbergs (Sweden)



  • The Best of Digital Marketing provides attendees key learnings from a lot of real and recent digital marketing campaign cases from all kinds of companies. It helps to guide your direction and provides practical information you can use the day after. No guru or visionary talks — just real practice!

    Bjørn Hascher,
    Publisher,Lumido Business Media, The Netherlands
  • The unique appeal of the conference was the ability to gain insights into the best of digital campaigns from around the world and the delegates were encouraged to think how the ideas could be customised for SA. All delegates said that they would recommend the Best of Global Digital Marketing conference to their colleagues.

    Terry Murphy,
    Marketing Mix South Africa
  • The Best of Global Digital Marketing not only showcases great campaigns from all over the world, but provides key insights behind the ideas and analysis on why they’re so successful.

    Kem Suraphongchai,
    Managing Director at Plannova, Thailand
  • Very colourful and entertaining sequence of presentations.


    Harmandar Singh,
    President of IAA Malaysia


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Maarja Laasu
Conference Producer