The Best of Global Digital Marketing returns to Malaysia – showcasing best practices from all over the world!

Feeling a bit puzzled regarding what actually makes your content shine in the digital space?
Having investigated hundreds of case studies from all over the world – we now have the answers for you.

Our research team has been putting in the hours to finally solve the case of digital marketing. A unique journalistic approach helps us to scan through fancy creative ideas and reveal the actual numbers behind each seemingly successful case. We’ve already travelled the world with our extensive knowledge and are yet again, embarking on a mission to help marketing professionals up their digital marketing game. 

Each case study will be thoroughly analyzed – campaign creators have been interviewed and the business results found. The goal of the event is to analyze the content and the business performance of given campaigns.

During each case study we will analyze its critical success factors and will point out what are the main lessons for You to learn from this case. The Best of Digital Marketing has won popularity already in more than 30 cities around the world – in Singapore, Moscow, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Madrid, Shanghai, etc.

By the end of our conference, we hope to close the case on the secrets behind successful digital marketing.

The Best of Global Digital Marketing conference roadshow returns to Malaysia.

Here’s how the workshop works, international digital winners present their selection of winning case studies drawn from digital awards all over the world with the objective of stimulating local digital marketers who are complemented by local panellists contributing their interpretations of the opportunities.


Morning coffee and registrations

Welcome remarks by Organising Chairman, Prof. Harmandar Singh

Amit Sutha, Managing Director of Universal McCann & Ensemble Worldwide


Successful digital marketing campaigns from Malaysia

Universal McCann & Ensemble Worldwide

  • Cases examples include:
    • - Rain or Shine - KFC Sells (KFC)

Coffee Break

Roman Olivarez, Creative Director at Lowe Makati City

Roman Olivarez

Successful digital marketing campaigns from the Philippines


  • Case studies include:
    • Find the Burger (WENDY'S)
    • Mobile Voice Pack (REXONA)
    • Springster Philippines Mobile Site (SPRINGSTER)
    • Axe Black Concept Stores (AXE)
    • Rexona Pasimple Moves (REXONA)
    • Eskinol Wattpad (ESKINOL)
    • The Killer Chatbot (SMALLER AND SMALLER CIRCLES)
    • Gulpihan sa 7-Eleven (7-ELEVEN)

Joakim Borgström & Nikhil Panjwani from BBH Singapore (Singapore)

jab Nikhil

Successful digital marketing campaigns from Singapore


  • Case studies include:
    • Human Catalog (IKEA)
    • Hyper Court (NIKE)


Hando Sinisalu, CEO of (Estonia)

Hando Sinisalu

Analysis of successful digital marketing campaigns from around the world


  • Case studies include:
    • The Fanchise Model (XBOX, UK)
    • Evert_45 (KPN, THE NETHERLANDS)
    • Image_Hack (DOVE, DENMARK)
    • Beyond Money (SANTANDER BANK, SPAIN)
    • Promoticon (MCDONALD'S, UAE)
    • Undercover Advisors (SELMARK, SPAIN)
    • Pay with Views (OPEL, THE NETHERLANDS)
    • KEFA - Fake Parts (NISSAN, UAE)

Coffee Break

Panel Discussion: Campaigns Analysis – What Works, What Doesn’t

Close & Thank you


Amit is Managing Director of Universal Mccann and Ensemble Worldwide in Malaysia since 2014.

Prior to this he spent close to 7 years at BBDO/ Proximity in Malaysia, first as Chief Strategy Officer, then Country Manager. With cross-functional expertise across strategic planning, digital transformation, general management and consulting, Amit has spent the past two decades working in different parts of Asia for clients such as KFC, P&G, Unilever, Pepsi, Telekom Malaysia and Maxis. He now spends most of his time experimenting with ideas and technologies that allow for data fuelled storytelling; hoping to one day find the key that unlocks the future of the advertising and marketing services industry. If not at work you will find him playing either tennis or golf. A man of varied interests, he is a competent bamboo flute artiste as well as a certified still photographer.

Amit has won strategy, creative & media medals including the Effie, Festival of Media, AME, DMA, Cannes, Spikes and Kancil.




Managing Director of Universal McCann & Ensemble Worldwide (Malaysia)


Nikhil is a copy-based CD with 15 years of experience in advertising and 35 years in life. He started his career in India, followed by a short stint in Malaysia and has been living in Singapore since 2011. He’s been rather lucky to have worked with some of the world’s best brands including Google, IKEA, Nike Guinness, Virgin Mobile, Unilever, Tiger Beer, Colgate and the United Nations. Creating media-agnostic campaigns that have won the hearts of the audience as well as metals in every medium. These days, he’s applying his specialized skills to persuade his 21-month son to eat more solids.



Creative Director at BBH Singapore (Singapore)


Joakim Borgström – better known as JAB – has worked in the advertising industry for nearly 20 years. After two years at BBH London, he recently moved to BBH Singapore to be the new Executive Creative Director. Prior to BBH, Jab held a number of leadership roles, including Creative Director/Director of Innovation at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, Creative Director and Partner at DoubleYou, Barcelona.

Jab is a rare mix of Swedish and Argentinean, speaks five languages and has worked in five countries to date. He has worked on brands as diverse as Nike, Audi, Electronic Arts, Coca-Cola, Google, Doritos, Barclays, Heineken, Chevrolet and on recent award-winning campaigns at BBH for Mentos, The Guardian and Samsung. Jab is the winner of over 180 awards that include 20 One Show pencils, 11 Cannes Lions and a Cannes Grand Prix. Most recently achieving Ad Age’s International Agency of the Year. He’s sat on the jury of 20+ award shows and is a sought-after speaker in the industry.



Executive Creative Director at BBH Singapore (Singapore)


Roman has worn many creative hats: cinematographer, director, producer, writer, child star. All these hats get to spend time on his head as the creative director of MullenLowe OPEN Philippines. Even the child star hat. He’s set up the sexiest cops and robbers game ever for Axe Anarchy, and sent the first Filipino to space with Axe Apollo. He’s put the smile on the Scarsdale doughnut, brought home the Baconator we deserve with Wendy’s, and made breakfast a 24/7 thing with 7-Eleven.

He sings and dances too. All in a day’s work.



Creative Director at Lowe Makati City (The Philippines)

Roman Olivarez

Hando “case study” Sinisalu is a business journalist, conference producer and World traveler. He is the founder and CEO of (formerly known as Best Marketing International). Collecting and analysing digital marketing case studies is both his hobby and work. With presentations in 30+ countries, you could almost claim that Hando has traveled to the moon and back.

In the past, Hando has been a radio DJ, managed a newspaper company and an advertising agency. Today he writes about marketing to numerous publications and consults brands and media companies about digital marketing. He is the author of “The Best of Global Digital Marketing: Storybook 1” and “Storybook 2”. In March 2018, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Estonian Association of Communication Agencies.
Hando has MA degree in Communications from Ohio University (USA).

Hando Sinisalu


CEO of Best Marketing International



  • The Best of Digital Marketing provides attendees key learnings from a lot of real and recent digital marketing campaign cases from all kinds of companies. It helps to guide your direction and provides practical information you can use the day after. No guru or visionary talks — just real practice!

    Bjørn Hascher,
    Publisher,Lumido Business Media, The Netherlands
  • The unique appeal of the conference was the ability to gain insights into the best of digital campaigns from around the world and the delegates were encouraged to think how the ideas could be customised for SA. All delegates said that they would recommend the Best of Global Digital Marketing conference to their colleagues.

    Terry Murphy,
    Marketing Mix South Africa
  • The Best of Global Digital Marketing not only showcases great campaigns from all over the world, but provides key insights behind the ideas and analysis on why they’re so successful.

    Kem Suraphongchai,
    Managing Director at Plannova, Thailand
  • Very colourful and entertaining sequence of presentations.


    Harmandar Singh,
    President of IAA Malaysia


  • Hando Sinisalu

    Hando Sinisalu


    This award-winning case will be presented at the event by Hando Sinisalu.


    KPN is the leading telco provider in Netherlands. As a royal company, KPN carries great responsibility to mirror Dutch values in their broader agenda. In 2014. the tagline “Feel free.” was introduced to the public, indicating KPN’s aim to connect generations and provide freedom through technology.

    Every year on the 4th of May, the Dutch remember those who fell during and since WWII (Remembrance Day). This day is closely tied to the stories of those who lived through the war. However, young people are finding it hard to connect with these memories. Thus  valuable heritage is at risk of wasting away along with original raconteurs. To remind young Dutch of the fragility of freedom and bring them closer to the heart-breaking events of the 20th century, KPN crafted an interactive experience that would combine historically accurate events from the past with current digital mediums. But unlike other similar digital projects, KPN shines with superb audience analysis and execution, proving that content is in fact king.


    KPN is a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company. KPN is one of the top three telcos in the country along with T-Mobile and VodafoneZiggo. As a Royal company, the KPN brand is strongly rooted in Dutch society. Ever since the tagline ‘Feel free.’ Was introduced in 2014, KPN’s communication is centred around the idea of enabling freedom and connecting generations  through their cutting edge technology.

    Held each year on the 4th of May, Remembrance Day is a very emotional date for the Dutch. A day to remember the people we lost during and since WWII. Apart from the less fortunate, a generation of veterans still lives to tell the stories about these devastating historical events. Stories full of bravery, loss and the thirst for freedom. The latter is something we have grown to take for granted, especially the hyper connected youth of today. Most have probably seen movies and heard a couple of memories from grandpa, but in the absence of an engaging medium, it’s hard for them to identify themselves with history. In parallel, their attention is occupied by YouTubers, bloggers, Instagram and Snapchat. With veterans growing older, we are at risk of losing the heritage and memories of the days that shaped our modern society.


    Within their mission of bringing elders and teens closer together, KPN wanted to add another dimension to Remembrance Day and create a meaningful connection for the younger generation. Showcase that freedom is the most valuable asset, one cannot take for granted.

    Apart from the emotional value, it was also a good opportunity to strengthen the brand by providing a modern interactive experience, which highlights KPN’s core values as well as technical abilities.


    Timed for the national liberation celebrations in the Netherlands, KPN introduced an amazing online project that told the story of 13 year-old Evert, a regular Dutch boy documenting his daily life on YouTube and Instagram. What’s the catch? Evert lives in 1945.

    Evert’s story takes place in the midst of WWII. It slowly unravels on social media. We see a jolly side of a normal teenager taking foodie shots, which is soon shadowed by personal difficulties brought up by the war. The family embarks on a journey to find Evert’s brother who has managed to escape a German labor camp.

    Despite centring around a fictional character, the plot is based on true stories of Dutch WWII veterans and historical data. Every single detail was monitored by historian dr. J. Rosendaal and tested on relevant experts (teachers, National Committee for 4th and 5th May, and the Dutch Resistance Museum).

    A team of 65 worked on this campaign for 8 months. Not only were they double checking their facts with historians, N=5 conducted thorough research on current media consumption in order to determine the frequency, duration and location of the content. Evert’s story was aligned to match modern vlogs.

    The campaign ran on Instagram, YouTube, a special interactive website (launched once the story had ran on social) and was also supporting a Dutch newspaper article entitled ‘It’s up to you to keep this story alive’ featuring interviews with elderly resistance fighters.


    Dutch youngsters watched over 1.3 million minutes of history lessons within three weeks; is due to be included in the Dutch school curriculum as of 2018;

    The campaign reached 70% of Dutch youngsters;



    Non-profit organizations have been toying around with the idea of digitalising historical events for modern audiences. We’ve seen fancy websites with interactive elements and while we can commend the authors for a decent effort, most campaigns fall short in attracting a mass audience. The difference with Evert_45 lies within the perfect mixture between the past and the present. Powerful stories have been presented in a modern context, making the project appealing and relatable to youngsters. N=5 did their research on media consumption and pasted this knowledge into Evert_45. There are no boring messages if you’re able to communicate in the language of today. Moreover, a big thumbs up for KPN as a brand, who managed to combine heritage with our digital reality, hitting the mark for various demographics at the same time.


    It would be a crime to ignore the amazing quality of craft we see here. N=5 involved experts from various industries and organizations in order to make every detail historically accurate. And the end result speaks for itself! Everything from Evert’s YouTube channel to the additional website feels polished. Although time is a restraint for many agencies and clients, when committing to this type of projects, one should never sacrifice quality. Today brands are competing with top notch entertainment. A lacklustre execution will not attract any attention and in the long run, will do the brand more harm than good.



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